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Tattooing and Anarchy by CherryCola
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Enter CherryCola's underground.

CherryCola13 was not often seen in public nor daylight hours. A xenophobic tattooing anarchist Cherry prefered to go out by moonlight.

I know not of Right and Wrong,
Or of Life itself.
I know only what is beauty,
And beauty is my Opiate and my Source.
Only creations of greatness can soothe this shattered soul,
Art is my Absinthe, my opium.


Linework for Custom drawn Pheonix

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

This rose covers unpleasant memories of an unkind lover for this customer.

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A Junkies' Quote: Johnny Roulette sez, " I have telepathically bastardized and reduced the laws of physics to nursery rhymes." summer '99

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