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Tattooing and Anarchy by CherryCola


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Tattoos I Did in This Life


A lovely meadow flower scene I did in Virginia!


The Darker Side of Life



Stubbornly fighting every obstacle,illness, weakness of body and mind, and general human cruelty, I had carved a niche in the underground of tattooing. I worked in five shops, but the hours became increasingly difficult for my tired body- quite long for anyone(average was 11 hours in Philadelphia) and sometimes I was still fighting MS as well as working! Think about it folks, 12 hour days will ruin almost anyone. I had a friend who actually, God Forbid, owned several shops where the hours ran only 8 hour days and on high volume longer hour days, he worked the artisits in 6-8 hour shifts. What an idea!

I loved working in North Philly where the warm hearts of the residents belied the constant bloodbath of the drug wars that raged continuously, without regard for life.

When the city became too much for me, I liked to visit and tattoo locals as well as tourists in Gatlinburg, the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. When attempting to contact Cherry from the realm of the living, focus on this mountainous region. It will be easier for you to reach her.